Now Integrates with Canvas LMS now features single sign-on and other valuable time-saving features with a dedicated integration with Canvas LMS.

A Seamless ePortfolio Experience - Now Integrates with Canvas and canvas eportfolio integration 


Created by learning technology company, MyKnowledgeMap, is an ePortfolio designed to support a lifetime of learning, and now features dedicated integration support for Canvas - the popular learning management system.

One of the biggest features of the integration is single sign-on, making it quicker for administrators to set up and easier for users to start using The integration also enables you to automatically create accounts for learners when they enrol on a course or already have a Canvas account. Once their account is created, your learners can then begin using directly within their Canvas account, meaning they have everything they need, all in one place.


canvas showcase integration


In addition to the learner using within Canvas, educators can also create specific assignments to carry out using, such as completing a form or creating and submitting a showcase to their tutor.  A showcase is simple to build and is a completely customisable display of learning evidence gathered for a certain assignment, topic or module.  


See and Canvas in Action

With the - Canvas integration, educators can now utilise the best of both platforms to deliver a truly seamless online learning experience for their learners. If you have any questions about our Canvas integration, or would like to request a demonstration, please get in touch with us on


About Canvas

Canvas is a cloud-based, open-sourced learning management platform that allows schools and institutions to build a digital learning environment relative to their needs. The Canvas LMS is known for it's ease of use, accessibility, reliability and openness.