an eportfolio for degree apprenticeships is a modern, new eportfolio that's been designed from the ground up to support the new world of apprenticeship standards.

What sets apart from traditional eportfolios?

  • is free for individuals to use, for life

    Provide learners with a true lifelong eportfolio: while they are learning with you, you have access to a full-featured apprenticeship delivery toolkit, but they can take all of their evidence away with them, for free, and make full use of it, creating their own showcase web pages, multimedia CVs etc.

  • Powerful tools for employer engagement, during the apprenticeship and beyond offers user-friendly tools for employers to review and manage evidence and monitor readiness for the endpoint assessment during the program—and at the end of the programme, you can leave them with a powerful tool for continuing staff development.

  • Integration with your other systems can be used alongside your other teaching and learning systems—ideal when you're delivering a degree and an apprenticeship simultaneously—and integrates with systems like Canvas.

Key product features

Use the customisable forms or create your own for recording mentor meetings, time spent off the job learning, and other evidence.

Capture evidence and map it to apprenticeship standards—this can include social media sites like You Tube and Instagram for learning.

Review apprentices' evidence against standards using powerful visualisations. Learners and employers get their own view of progress.

screenshot of comptenc reporting

Provide apprentices with tools to boost employability or to support ongoing progression with an employer: modern CV builders, etc

Manage tasks and work schedules, set assignments and create your own marking schemes—all tied to and trackable against the standards.

Easily integrate with external learning management systems, evidence repositories etc. There's even a mobile offline evidence-gathering extension.

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