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Personalised ePortfolio

A Personalised Approach to ePortfolios

As a learner-centric ePortfolio, has the perfect balance of empowering the learner to drive their own development, whilst providing supporting staff with the tools they need to enable ongoing support and engagement.

Offer your learners a personal space to track their progress and gather all their work and achievements all in one place. 

Discover Your ePortfolio

Construct a lifelong learning experience with

ePortfolio booklet

Take Away Your ePortfolio For Free

Once a learner has completed their education programme or training course, they can take away their ePortfolio for free and continue using it throughout their life. 

Learn about our free Individual Account for learners. 

Empowering Learners Globally




Digital CV

Create & Share
Unique Showcases

Design your own unique presentations called 'showcases' using our simple showcase builder.  Use pre-set templates such as a CV or booklet template, or design your own.

You can gather together your evidence and reflections, annotate as you wish and share your showcases for grading and feedback, either internally or externally with potential employers and more. 

Supporting the Learning Journey

Learning your way

Enable learners to upload evidence and easily design, build and share unique showcases of their work and achievements 

Visualise progress

Issue learners with learning outcomes, competencies, frameworks or standards to work with. Enable both learners and supporting staff to track progress, develop skills mastery and identify knowledge and skills gaps. 

Drive engagement

Directly communicate with learners through the platform. Provide grading and feedback against completed tasks, individual learning evidence and their portfolio in real-time, as well as offer additional support around progress and performance. 

Encourage reflection

Support your learners' reflective learning, evidencing of skills and self evaluation by creating and providing them with reflective forms and tasks. 

Progress Trackers

Easily Track
Progress & Performance

Monitor all of your learners progress and performance all in one place with our simple, intuitive progress tracker dashboard. 

Ensure your learners feel fully supported and use to provide them with timely and relevant feedback on their progress and performance, anytime, anywhere. 

Free Guide to Functions & Features

Want a little more detail on the functions and features in Our handy guide provides a checklist of features for learners, educators and administrators.

We hope you find it useful on your journey to discovering the right ePortfolio for you!

Progress Trackers

Build Mastery of
Skills & Competencies

Empower learners to direct their own learning journey through visibly tracking their own progress and mastery against skills and competencies, or frameworks and standards.  

Help learners easily identify knowledge and skills gaps, reflect on their performance and develop an action plan. 

Empowering Educators

Upload any evidence

Inspire learners to get creative with their portfolio and how they showcase evidence.  Use a vast range of evidence types and upload documents, images, videos, embedded social media posts, Google Maps, YouTube videos and more. 

Issue tasks and forms

Support learners in working with their digital portfolio and reflect on progress through deploying forms or tasks for them to complete.  Forms and tasks are easily created and deployed by you in our user-friendly form designer and task builder. 

Easy to review

Monitor learner progress and performance against learning outcomes, frameworks or standards in real-time, easily provide feedback and grade work submitted by learners against tasks. 

Award digital badges

Recognise achievements through awarding digital badges to your learners at your discretion or automatically based on a grade achieved.  A set of tools within your admin area makes designing, building and issuing digital badges quick and intuitive. 

One of the main reasons we chose is that it allows the student to create a portfolio and demonstrate their achievements and progress in their own way.

Dr Malgo Miranowicz, Learning Technologist at Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry
Digital badges

Design & Issue
Unique Digital Badges

Design, build and issue IMS certified digital badges within, with every learner having the ability to store, manage, share and use their digital badges as evidence within their ePortfolio. 

Award digital badges when learners achieve a certain grade, complete tasks or at your discretion based on the learners performance. 

Our Integrations

Our out-of-the-box integrations help create a seamless learning experience and save valuable admin time.


Canvas ePortfolio


Seamless Integration with Canvas LMS

Now with single sign-on and other valuable time-saving features, fully integrates with Canvas LMS enabling learners and educators to take advantage of the best of both platforms. 

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