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ePortfolio for Employers

Your Workforce

Use our intuitive dashboards to track employee continuing professional development (CPD).

Gain insight into your team's mastery of competencies, skills and abilities in real-time, and identify any gaps in training to ensure your team are prepared to take on any project.  

Create a Learning Culture

A flexible digital portfolio for continuing professional development and tracking competencies.

Support CPD

Track and visualize your staff's continuing professional development (CPD) as they develop a digital portfolio to demonstrate their competencies and skills that align to job roles or aspirations.


Improve retention

Gain valuable insight into your team's skills and development empowering you to provide tailored training and professional development where it's needed. Save time and money whilst staff feel better supported. 

Manage training

Manage training tasks and allocate professional development activities to your trainers to build powerful, personal training courses for your staff.

Motivate Staff

Recognise employee achievements and milestones with IMS Certified digital badges and certificates. Easily design and issue unique and secure digital badges with our simple digital badge builder. 

Digital badges in an ePortfolio

Reward & Recognition with Digital Badges

Support your reward and recognition programme with IMS certified digital badges.  

Issue digital badges based on achievements or key professional development milestones, which staff can then share via LinkedIn, email and more. 

Flexible Workplace Learning

Issue forms and tasks

Support employees through deploying forms or tasks for them to complete.  Forms and tasks are easily created and deployed by you in our user-friendly form designer and task builder. 


Upload any evidence

Enable staff to get creative and use a vast range of evidence to demonstrate skills and competence - upload documents, images, videos, embedded social media posts, Google Maps, YouTube videos and more. 

Track competencies

Provide staff with competency frameworks or standards to work with and upload evidence too.  Track progress against competencies in real-time and identify knowledge and skills gaps to help plan professional development. 

Manage reviews

Easily view current professional development progress and capture review meetings, actions and CPD planning in a shared area between employees and their managers or mentors.  

Working Closely With Employers


ePortfolio progress trackers

Easily Track
Progress & Performance

Empower employees to direct their own learning journey through visibly tracking their own progress and skills mastery.  

Help employees easily identify knowledge and skills gaps, reflect on their performance and develop an action plan. 

Free Guide to Functions & Features

Want a little more detail on the functions and features in Our handy guide provides a checklist of features for learners, educators and administrators.

We hope you find it useful on your journey to discovering the right ePortfolio for you!

Myprogress mobile assessment


Workplace-Based Assessment App

In addition to carrying out assessment in, our fully integrated product, MyProgress is a mobile extension app for direct observation and carrying out workplace-based assessment completely offline, in the heat of the moment. 

In our out-of-the-box integration, all MyProgress assessments carried out in the workplace can be automatically uploaded into to work with in a learner's digital portfolio. 

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